Foods and Drinks FAQ's

the things you need to know, before you travel

Food and drinks FAQ
Q. Are there any foods that I should avoid?

Avoid eating:

  • Ice creams sold by roadside vendors
  • Undercooked meat
  • Unpeelable fruit or vegetable
  • Re-heated food

Remember to make sure fresh fruit has been washed and wash your hands before and after eating.

Q. Can you accommodate special dietary requirements?
A. Yes. If you have not already advised your travel agent at the time of booking please let your Tour Director know at the start of the tour any special needs or dietary requirements so they can be best accommodated. Remember your favourite food items will not always be available as different cultures may eat very different food to us, especially at breakfast.
Q. Is the water safe to drink?

The tap water is safe to drink in the following travel destinations:

  • Canada
  • Alaska
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Norfolk Island
  • New Zealand

DO NOT DRINK THE TAP WATER in the following travel destinations:

  • South America
  • Antarctica
  • Egypt
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • China
  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia

It is best to not even allow your mouth near tap water, which includes brushing your teeth. Have bottled mineral waters opened in your presence and regard all ice as unsafe. Scenic include bottled water for all touring days, with meals, at your hotel and on board cruises.

Because your travel destination may have high temperatures, humidity and/or altitudes it is essential each day to drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. Avoid alcohol, coffee or strong tea, which are diuretics and cause increased water loss. Well-known brands of bottled beverages are generally considered to be safe. 

Please Note: It is important in all countries that you stay well hydrated and drink plenty of bottled water. If you are not feeling well at any time please speak to your Scenic Cruise Director who may be able to assist with advice.

Q. What type of food can I expect?

Your tours cover an amazing range of cultures and landscapes and the food available en route reflects this diversity, which may be different to what you are normally accustomed to. Your dining experiences are certain to enhance your tour and introduce you to the local region and culture.

Asia & India:

  • India - Your meals are mainly Asian-style dishes. A traditional meal is usually served in a large metal plate called a ‘thali’ with a number of small bowls used to hold the gravy dishes. The meal is normally accompanied with Indian bread (which varies from region to region) and rice. Imported wines and liquors are also available. The quality of Indian wines are improving steadily and are almost of international standards. Indian beer and rum are considered excellent, and while gins and vodkas are good, the Indian whisky is an acquired taste.
  • Vietnam and Cambodia - Your meals are mainly Asian style dishes served banquet style. Local beers will be the favoured beverage, however some restaurants do offer imported wines. Breakfast in the morning includes a wide range of fruits and a cooked breakfast.
Q. When do I advise my choice for Scenic FreeChoice Dining?
A. Scenic Free Choice Dining is subject to availability and is restricted to limited numbers and dining times. Pre-selection of your preferred dining choice will be required prior to your arrival into each applicable destination. Your Tour Director will do all possible to accommodate your choice; unfortunately this may not always be achievable.