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further information you may need to know, before you travel

Other information
Q. How do I select my Scenic FreeChoice activities?
A. Scenic Freechoice activities are subject to availability, operational and seasonal factors. All activities can be reserved, subject to availability with the Scenic Tour Director whilst on tour unless otherwise stated. Please note a minimum number of people are required for some activities to operate.
Q. What else should I know about my travel destination?


  • Air-conditioning is not yet as popular in Europe as back home and you may not find it everywhere. In some places due to environmental concerns it is strictly regulated.
  • European festive days, especially religious holidays, are quite numerous. On these occasions, particularly in May/June, you may find services in general slightly reduced.
  • Sometimes there is a small charge for public toilets, food and drinks usually cost more and the service may be a little more leisurely than you might expect.
  • Europeans generally dine slightly later than might be your custom and they tend to be less sensitive to issues regarding smoking.