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Common questions with river cruising

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Scenic Tailormade
Q. For which river cruises can I use the App?

At this stage, in the first stage of development, the App contains information for all Scenic cruises on the Rhine/Main/Danube, the French and Portuguese rivers. The App is currently not available for our Russian, South East Asia and Scenic Eclipse ocean cruises.

Q. What is the Scenic Tailormade App?

The Scenic Tailormade App is the software solution transforming your personal mobile device into your own personal Scenic Tailormade device.

Q. Do I always need to have a device (own or rental) with me while on cruise?
A. For guided city tours, yes, as it serves as your audio guide system. For any other Information or service, it is not required but highly recommended for convenience and as a source of constant information
Q. How do I get the Scenic Tailormade App?

The App can be downloaded from the Apple or GooglePlay stores just like any other app. Information together with an earpiece is provided in your travel documentation. The App can be downloaded at any time for free.

Q. What operating systems support the App?

The App works for iOS(Apple) and Android devices.

Q. When should I download the App?
A. When off-board a ship (e.g. at home, in a hotel etc.) it is recommended to be connected to a WiFi to download the App from the Apple Store or Google Play. On-board a ship, your phone needs to be connected to the ship’s WiFi network only, and the App can download locally from the ship.
Q. If I don’t have a mobile device, can I still get the information?
A. On board all ships we will carry a limited amount of rental devices. These devices are pre-set for the exact same information, and are provided to guests without their own mobile device.
Q. The earpiece in the travel documents doesn’t fit. What do I do?

As guests can now use their own mobile device, we suggest guests to utilize ear-pieces that they usually use or are delivered with the telephone. We do provide adapters and ear-pieces on board the ship for guests requiring this service.

Q. What Information will I get on the App?

In a first stage, the App includes all the functions of the previous Scenic Tailormade Device. i.e. It serves as Audio Guide System, Riverview Commentary System, Independent City Tours, and off-line Navigation System. Some of the functions will only work on board, while others are available at any time.

Q. Are there any additional, new functions?
A. In addition to the main functions, the App can also display the daily program, list the ‘Freechoice’ options and ‘Enrich’ excursions, include the entire Travel Guide Book, provide a Travel Wallet and a provide a Badge Scan option.
Q. Which functions can I download and use prior to embarkation?

City Info (with a download code for each city consisting of the first 4 letters of the English name of the city), the list and description of Freechoice options and Enrich programs, the travel guide book and the travel wallet are available at any time.

Q. Can the App be used for city extensions?

All functions that are available prior to the cruise, as well as the city guide for independent city sightseeing are available for Prague, Paris, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Budapest, Lisbon and Coimbra. Download is recommended while connected to a WiFi.

Q. Are there any associated cost when utilizing the App while travelling overseas?
A. Cost while travelling will only occur if the entire App or content(s) of the App are downloaded without being connected to a WiFi. An information page warning of any cost (if applicable) will always show prior to any cost bearing function being executed. The use of the downloaded information on the App will not occur trigger any cost.
Q. Will there be costs for the Tailormade App updates during my cruise?
A. You can set the Tailormade App to update automatically when you are on the ship and are connected to the ship Wi-Fi network. Receiving your update through the ship Wi-Fi is at no cost and does not involve your cell phone data allowance. Please speak to the cruise director for assistance with this setting.
Q. Will this new App use my mobile data?

No, by using the free Wi-Fi on the ship to load and update the Tailormade App there is no need to use your data connection associated with your cell phone provider. For international guests, it is best practice to turn off your mobile data use when overseas and use the free Wi-Fi provided on the ship.

Q. What if all battery life on my personal device is used whilst I am touring?
A. We are working to secure power banks for the local guides to have so we can assist any guests with low battery life on their personal device
Q. Will I be able to still use the Scenic Tailormade App on-board the ship if there is no available WiFi service in the area?

Yes, you don’t need WiFi service/reception available to use the App.  All data for the Tailormade App is stored locally on a server on-board each ship.  You only need to connect to the ship’s WiFi network on arrival for the app to recognise your cruise ID and display all relevant information for your particular cruise including the option to download the self-guided tours as desired.

Q. When joining a city tour with our guide, or self-paced walking tour, do I need a Wi-Fi connection in that city to locate my position on map?
A. No, with the Tailormade App loaded and updated on the ship, your location in the city is provided by the location GPS service on your phone. By turning on your phone’s location service (in phone settings) the Tailormade App can position you in the city without needing to connect to a Wi-Fi network.
Q. How does my phone pick up the guide’s commentary when I am joining a city tour?
A. When you join a guided tour, the tour guide will advise you on how to easily select the commentary channel and you will hear the guide’s commentary through your own headphones or earphones connected to your phone.