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Scenic Eclipse invites you to seek out what lies beyond the horizon, giving the discerning traveller a platform to discover the unique wonders of our beautiful world. The World’s First Discovery Yachts™ can take you anywhere, from the frozen seas of Antarctica to the colourful isles of the Americas, each offering up their own unique and wonderful wildlife.

Antarctica wildlife

Antarctica wildlife
When embarking on your Antarctica expedition, you’re no doubt anticipating the great untouched wilderness and the absolute beauty of this magnificent continent at the very end of the Earth.   
From its unique history of heroic explorers - such as Ernest Shackleton and Sir Edmund Hillary, who paved their way across its breath-taking environment decades ago - through to its endless, photogenic landscape, Antarctica has a certain attractive element for every traveller.

Get close to nature onshore 

While you won't see any polar bears in Antarctica - instead native to the Arctic - you will have the chance to see penguins of all varieties, shapes and sizes.
From the long-tailed Gentoo penguin, easily distinguished by its orange/red bill and the broad, white stripe that stretches across its head, to the chinstrap penguin with its black bill and dark ’chinstrap’ across its neck you’re never short of breeds to view in Antarctica. If you’re lucky, you might also see the Adélie penguin, which, existing on a diet of krill and fish, is native to the continent and can often be found waddling across the snow in a distinct fashion.

Discover Antarctica marine life offshore

If you direct your line of sight away from the land and towards the sea, the characteristic, upward leap of the humpback whale can be seen as it comes up for air.
Meanwhile, the gentle, forward gliding of the blue whale drifts along the surface of the ocean. If the time is right, extra-lucky guests on board Scenic Eclipse just might catch the instantly-recognisable black and white pattern of the Orca. 

Also, you might catch a glimpse of the large, earless elephant seals, as they gather on the rocks, congregating in unison. If you do happen to spot a slightly leaner, more athletic creature, that’ll be the leopard seal. Leopard seals have distinctive long, muscular bodies, large heads and short whiskers.

Arctic wildlife

Antarctica Polar Bear
The serene and beautiful Arctic, which is a thriving polar region inhabited with a range of different animals and wonderful creatures, can often seem far away, out of reach and extreme. Despite this, the area is surprisingly accessible for those with a lust for exploration. In fact, its nearest neighbour is Scotland.
From stunning scenery through to amazing sea and land creatures, and colourful flora set against endless daylight – the Arctic is truly unlike any other place on Earth. 

The beautiful Arctic reindeer

The beautiful and distinctive Arctic reindeer (or Caribou) are sadly decreasing in numbers due to climate change, but you may still be able to spot one or two in their luscious white coats against the snow.

Witness polar bears in the Arctic

Possibly the most iconic of the Arctic's wildlife, you may be lucky enough to spot an ever-elusive polar bear. Beautiful and breath-taking in appearance, polar bears can be seen all year round in the Arctic. From swimming in the warmer months, to strolling along against the backdrop of the Northern Lights in the colder months, you’ll have the chance to witness the incredible polar bear 365 days a year.

South American wildlife

Ecuador wildlife

Ecuadorian Forests

Capuchin Monkey

The World Heritage-listed city of Quito will charm you before you are ensconced in luxury at the exquisite Mashpi Lodge - your base while you explore the cloud forest and rainforest surrounding this reserve. From more than 30 species of hummingbirds, who call Masphi Forest home, to the rarest of orchids and cheeky capuchin monkeys, you will have the chance to see these and more in their natural habitat. 

Unique and special species

Ecuador wildlife

Our cruise exploration of the mighty Galápagos Islands will give you plenty of opportunities to see incredible species such as blue-footed boobies, sea lions, lava lizards, flamingos, herons, rays, albatross and even the endangered Galápagos giant tortoise. 

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