24 Hours in Antarctica

Wake to the whisper of Scenic Eclipse, its hull gently peppered by ice floes that entice you from your cozy Scenic Slumber Bed. At the suite’s floor to ceiling window, catch your breath. As your butler serves a coffee of your choice, take in early morning sunlight illuminating ice-clad mountains that soar above. Beyond your private verandah, the mirrored surface of Gerlache Strait is broken by porpoising penguins, then exhalations of orcas. In Antarctica, each morning carries the wonder of Christmas.

After a delicious breakfast, don your complimentary polar parka and proceed to the Mudroom where your insulated boots await. Join your group at the Marina entrance and board a Zodiac for your morning excursion. With only 200 guests in polar regions, disembarkation goes smoothly and enables multiple landings each day.

Excitement builds as you pull away from Scenic Eclipse. Its size and unique design allows you to explore places that larger vessels can’t reach. What will it be today? Perhaps a landing near the largest gentoo penguin colony on the Antarctic Peninsula, where some 6,500 noisy pairs raise chicks; a cruise through a sculpture garden of exquisitely eroded icebergs, or a snow hike to an island summit for stunning views.

No two excursions are alike. Your Discovery Leader and Naturalists are alert to changing opportunities – from humpback whales suddenly breaching to leopard seals hunting just offshore – and flexible enough to get you there. Monitoring weather, sea state and ice, your Discovery Team will safely guide you and share their insights into the region’s environment, wildlife and history every step of the way.

By midday, return to the ultra-luxury of your Discovery Yacht. Lunch as you wish at one of several dining experiences, from the casual Azure Bar & Cafe to the Yacht Club’s grill, to contemporary fine dining. While you eat, rest and take in the sights, Scenic Eclipse repositions to a new location for another excursion, holding its place using its GPS Dynamic Positioning System, without dropping anchor onto sensitive seabeds.

Scenic Eclipse’s limited guest number means multiple landing a day, and soon it’s time to set off again. From fascinating historic huts, to seabird colonies, pods of whales to the thrill of calving glaciers, your Discovery Guides will interpret what unfolds before your very eyes. Ignite the explorer within, joining an all-inclusive guided kayaking or paddleboard trip, sharing protected waterways with curious crabeater seals, porpoising penguins or navigate through the diamond glisten of brash ice.
Book an exploration that takes you above, below and beyond the horizon. Our two state-of- the-art Airbus EC-130-T2 helicopters are designed for flightseeing, giving you treasured views of tabular icebergs, rugged alpine peaks, the sublime Antarctic ice cap and a birds eye view of Antarctic wildlife – a perspective few have ever experienced. Or board Scenic Neptune, our customized submarine, to reveal underwater wonders from steep walls festooned with colourful life, including corals, sponges and the blown-glass beauty of polar tunicates; to seabeds decorated with gigantic sea stars and exquisite nudibranchs. Always you’ll be accompanied by a Discovery Team member to interpret what you see.
Back on Scenic Eclipse, visit our expansive 550 sqm (5,920sqft) Senses Spa for the pure indulgence of rejuvenating treatments, soak in our Vitality Spa or outdoor pool, or stretch tightening muscles in our gym, or POWER Yoga and Pilates studio. Join your Discovery Leader for an illustrated recap of the day and learn what is planned for the next.
After dinner, what better way to finish the day than with live music or a nightcap in one of our nine bars and lounges, as alpenglow tinges the passing summits outside.

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Helicopter and submarine activities are weather permitting, subject to availability and regulatory approvals, and incur additional costs.