Discover the magic of Christmas

Discover the magic of Christmas in Europe

...the smell of roasting chestnuts and spiced Glühwein, there is nothing like a European Christmas.
Is it possible we have forgotten how magical sharing Christmas in Europe can be? Re-capture the nostalgia, romance and merriment of a traditional European Christmas. Leave behind the holiday gift guides and head to a place where the Christmas spirit is alive in its purest historic form – all it takes is a trip to Europe’s Christmas markets.

River Cruising during the Festive Season

The towns bordering Europe’s iconic Rhine, Main and Danube rivers will enthral cruisers during the festive season, as the picturesque villages transform to include traditional markets, that recall the charms of yesteryear. From streets adorned with festive decorations and twinkling lights to delightful views of snow-dusted castles and medieval palaces, you can feel the festive spirit in the air around you.

Experience a sense of community and connection

Europe’s Christmas markets deliver timeless traditions against a backdrop of dramatic cathedrals and skylines. Dating back to the Middle Ages, Christmas markets gave townsfolk an opportunity to stock up on goods to see them through the holiday season and winter months. The idea spread along trading routes and survives today for locals and travellers from across the globe. In European cultures, the warmth and sense of community in the Christmas markets carries a great deal of sincerity and once they find you are from Australia, the conversations flow and new connections are made.
What makes it so special is that the approach to What makes it so special is that the approach to Christmas is much more heartfelt. There are no over-the-top light displays set to top 40 music and there are no photo-ops on Santa’s lap to be found. The sincere and welcoming nature of the locals strikes to the very heart of the holiday season and it can be found around every corner.
Shop at the Christmas markets in Europe

Step inside a traditional winter wonderland

The postcard-perfect scenes of Christmas markets in Europe are truly magical. Towns are draped in baubles, wreaths, and garlands all cloaked in glowing lights. You are enveloped by traditional carols and classical music, as the Christmas markets are a place of warmth and genuine hospitality. 
Christmas Markets, Vienna, Austria

One-stop Christmas shop

The Christmas markets provide an immersive shopping experience. Emphasising local artisanship, old-fashioned wooden toys and traditional delicacies, the stalls you can wander through focus on old-fashioned Christmas charm. Local artists, growers, bakers, and makers fill stalls that will leave your heart swelling with Christmas spirit. Stock up on everything from decorations, baubles, winter clothing, handmade soaps, hand-knitted creations and so much more. 

The vendors are more than happy for you to take your time browsing as there is so much food and gifts to choose from. Once you are back home with all your purchases, your home will be a reminder of the cultural experience you had in the European Christmas markets.
Christmas Markets shopping

Savour delicious delights

The wonderful aromas to be found in the Christmas markets are a sensory delight, with a variety of sausages cooking on wood-fuelled fires, Kartoffelpuffer (potatoes), mulled wine (Glühwein), waffles, gingerbread snacks and sweets galore.
Christmas market food delights

Celebrate Christmas in Style

December brings the opportunity to spend Christmas Day on board a luxury Scenic Space-Ship during our Christmas Wonderland river cruise. At this special time of year, you will have the option to attend Midnight Mass in a centuries-old church, where classic organ music and singing will add another magical layer to your festive experience. Spend Christmas morning sailing from Regensburg to the Austrian city of Linz and could celebrate New Year’s Eve in beautiful Prague.
Start planning now celebrate Christmas 2021 in a magical world of time-honoured festivities, filled with nostalgia and happiness. Treat yourself to a Scenic Christmas cruise you can look forward to and share with friends and family.
Christmas markets, Prague

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