Love to Travel on a Gourmet Journey

It’s said that our sense of smell is the strongest of all the senses, especially when it comes to past recalling memories. A waft of cinnamon might take you back to the aromas of your grandmother’s apple crumble; or the smell of the pine needles of a natural Christmas tree might take you back to your childhood days searching under the tree for your presents.  
The same can be said for the flavours and aromas we encounter when travelling. They can conjure memories of street food markets, fine restaurants, a fabulous vineyard, or a farm gate experience long after you’ve departed a destination. It's time to reconnect with the culinary delights of the world, unique and exotic flavours and the people who cultivate them and restore your love to travel on an epicurean journey.  
On a Scenic Eclipse voyage, you can be assured of exceptional moments of culinary excellence – both ­onshore and on board your Discovery Yacht. Corporate Executive Chef Tom Götter designs culinary moments for each guest which range from casual to refined, and even interactive. Guests can taste his creations and be treated to unrivalled dining at sea at up to 10 different dining experiences on board.

Culinary Exploration Onshore 

Scenic Freechoice activities and Scenic Enrich experiences, throughout each Discovery and Cruise voyage include many highlights that will interest gourmand travellers. During the 10-Day Iconic West Coast Experience itinerary, visit an oyster farm in Eureka, considered the ‘oyster capital of California’, just north of San Francisco.
When in Central America, enjoy a guided tasting of Guatamela’s best rums in Puerto; or visit a cocoa hacienda in Acajutla, close to San Salvador, during the Baja & Costa Rica Discovery itinerary. Taste local salmon in Farsund, Norway during the Majestic Norwegian Fjords itinerary; or in Iceland, tour a sustainable fishing village in Sudurey and taste local produce. In Rapallo, Italy, join a local guide and be taken to the bustling food markets, an artisanal pasta producer and a bakery where you’ll sample warm cheese focaccia and sip on vermentino.  

A Feast for Your Senses 

The finest on board cuisine starts with the freshest, highest quality ingredients. Chef Tom is deservedly proud that Scenic Eclipse is the first ocean cruise ship that has capacity for its chefs to grow their own micro herbs on board.  Together, he and his team have planted more than 35 different species of herbs in the Scenic Eclipse herb garden. In addition to herbs, the culinary team make a lot of their own cheeses on board, such as Labneh and Panier, and dehydrate their own dried fruits for breakfast with an aim to be more sustainable by using all elements of produce, as much as possible.  

“Overall, we try not to buy any ready-made produce, making all our own breads and pastries on board, for instance, which are of outstanding quality and variety.” says Chef Tom.   

With ingredients he must source externally, Chef Tom likes to work with local suppliers in the regions where Scenic Eclipse is travelling, when feasible.  
Presiding over more than 3,000 menu options is a team of 38 chefs that originate from more than 15 countries. Each chef brings particular expertise from their home countries, ensuring that the cuisine on board Scenic Eclipse covers a diverse range of flavours, styles and techniques. At Night Market @ Kokos and Sushi @ Kokos, for instance, regional dishes are prepared by top sushi and teppanyaki chefs. In the French restaurant Lumière, dishes are curated by chefs with European heritage and a deep understanding of fine French cuisine.   
In each destination guests will taste local ingredients incorporated into menus in all on board restaurants, as well as culinary-themed on shore excursions 
Chef Tom’s team of highly skilled and talented chefs will also share their culinary knowledge with guests during Scenic Épicure masterclasses. In select destinations, you will shop with chefs at local markets and then return to state-of-the-art kitchens on board the ship for a cooking masterclass.  
“In Scenic Épicure,” explains Chef Tom, “we are not only cooking with our guests, but we are also opening their minds and viewpoints about the dishes and ingredients.”  

Unrivalled Selection

You can enjoy cuisine on board to suit your every mood and taste, on any given day. With our truly all-inclusive philosophy, it’s all included all day, every day – including a selection of premium wines, top shelf spirits and more than 100 whiskeys*. Your butler will also stock your in-suite mini-bar daily with your drink of choice.  
Food-lovers are excited again at the mouth-watering thought of reconnecting with the flavours of the world. Whether it’s to Europe, Central or North America, Japan or the Russian Far East, be guided by the exceptional Scenic Eclipse culinary team and reward your love to travel for gourmet experiences. 
*All drinks on board are included except for a very small number of rare, fine and vintage wines, Champagnes and spirits.