Scenic Eclipse II

Introducing the second discovery yacht in the Scenic Eclipse fleet

In the wake of the huge interest surrounding the imminent launch of The World’s First Discovery Yacht, Scenic Eclipse, Scenic are incredibly proud to announce the launch of its sister yacht.

The second discovery yacht in the Scenic Eclipse fleet will set sail on her maiden voyage from Athens to Lisbon, before her debut season, when the luxury ocean cruise ship will chart its way to the European and Russian Arctic, sailing through both the White Sea and Northwest Passage.

Russia’s White Sea is still in many ways a great mystery due to geographic isolation; however, it is one of the most naturally stunning locations on the planet, and an ideal destination for avid explorers. Meanwhile, the Northwest Passage, which routes from the Pacific to the Arctic Ocean, along the coast of North America, offers an exceptional polar exploration experience.

fog in between mountains
a hotel room

At Scenic, our passion for exploration and luxury has enabled us to combine 6-star luxury with robust, expedition ships designed to navigate to some of the most remote locations in the world.

The second discovery yacht will bear all the hallmarks of Scenic Eclipse, with 114 all-veranda suites, eight lounges and bars, nine restaurants, a luxurious spa sanctuary, a state of the art fitness suite, as well as indoor and outdoor plunge pools.

Other features include a marina deck, as well as helicopters and a submarine - ideal for those looking to embark on the ultimate luxury adventure.

mudroom door opening

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