Frequently Asked Questions

A short list of our most Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Cruising

No question is a silly question - it’s now even easier to find the answer you’re looking for. Our Frequently Asked Questions are continually updated to provide you with the answers you need when planning your Scenic journey. If the answer you need isn’t here, please contact your travel agent or call Scenic directly 1.866.689.8611
Q. Are there hairdryers in the cabins?
A. Hairdryers are available in all cabins on river cruise ships.
Q. Are there laundry facilities on the ships?
A. Laundry services are available on river cruise ships at an additional charge. There is no dry cleaning available on river cruise ships.
Q. Can I take my children on a Scenic River Cruise?
A. Yes, children over the age of 12 are very welcome. Children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.
Q. What are the seating arrangements in the Crystal Dining Room?
A. The Crystal Dining rooms are single dining sessions with open, unreserved seating. The restaurant manager is responsible for the seating arrangements.
Q. What clothing do I need to pack?
A. We recommend casual and comfortable clothing. Please bring comfortable walking shoes as you will need these daily whilst sightseeing. This can include walking over rough and uneven ground. Closed-toe shoes are recommended to keep out the dust and sand. Dinner attire is casual: open-neck shirts, slacks and dresses. Coats and ties may be worn but are not required. For winter months we recommend a warm coat, gloves, water-resistant footwear and an umbrella.
Q. What currency will I need to bring?
A. Most of the countries in Europe use the Euro although some still use their own local currency (eg. Scandinavia, Switzerland, Russia & Baltic States). For small purchases ashore or in small towns, local currency is advantageous. Many locations accept major credit cards. ATM's are located onshore at some stops. Prior to departure you should confirm your ATM card and PIN will work overseas. All purchases on board are charged to your shipboard account. The on board currency on river cruise ships is the Euro. Shipboard accounts can be paid in Euro cash or by credit card. The on board currency on Russian river cruises is the Rouble however shipboard accounts can only be paid by credit card.
Q. What is the electrical voltage on the ships?
A. All ships use 220V electricity. A power adaptor will be required to use any devices that only work on 110V. We do not provide the required adaptors.
Q. What is the language on the Space-Ships?
A. The language on board is English. All staff, crew and tour guides speak English and all announcements and lectures will be made in English.
Q. Will there be a Cruise Director on my cruise?
A. Yes, an experienced English speaking Cruise Director accompanies every tour