Travel and Accommodation FAQ's

The things you need to know, before you travel

Travel and accommodation
Q. What are toilet facilities like?

In Europe, all toilet facilities are western style unless otherwise stated.

Asia & India tours:

  • India - All toilet facilities, where coaches stop, will be Western style. All hotels also have Western style toilets.
  • Vietnam and Cambodia - Vietnam and, in particular Cambodia, are still developing countries, and toilets in public places are mostly eastern "squat style". 
Q. What level of quality is the booked accommodation?


  • Europe’s tourist industry is centuries old and its hotels very often reflect the varied traditions and cultures of each country, so do not expect European hotels to be the same as those back home. You may find hotel rooms are slightly smaller.
  • Most European hotel rooms do not have tea/coffee or ironing facilities in the room.
  • Single rooms in hotels are designed for one bed and as such in some locations, are smaller than twin rooms.
  • Double bed rooms are on request only. We cannot guarantee that clients will receive a double bed at all properties due to limited availability with this configuration.
  • In some cases, clients may be accommodated in twin share rooms.
Q. What time can I check-in to my hotel?
A. Check-in time is usually 2:00 pm.  If you arrive at the hotel earlier than this there is a chance that your room will not be available. We endeavour to ensure that rooms are ready for your arrival times however this is not always possible and is outside our control. Many people use this time to explore the neighbourhood, shop or relax in the hotel public areas. On arrival at your hotel, please check to see if your Tour Director has already posted tour information in the foyer.
Q. Who will be escorting the tour?

Your holiday is a special time and our Tour Directors and Cruise Directors make all the difference. From your very first day their warm greetings and professionalism signal the start of a wonderful rapport.


For all land tours and cruises that have city extensions in Paris, London or Prague, you will have the services of a Tour Director. Whilst on your cruise you will be taken care of by a Cruise Director. Our Directors have your best interests at heart and will take care of all arrangements for you. Please note that that your city extension or land Tour Director will not join you on the cruise.