Scenic Neptune Submarine

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A unique underwater experience

Witnessing marine life in its natural habitat takes on a new dimension when you dive below the ocean’s surface on board Scenic Eclipse’s state-of-the-art submarine, Scenic Neptune^.

Redefining underwater exploration, Scenic Neptune^ effortlessly explores crystal clear waters, providing you with one of the most luxurious underwater experiences. 

Gasp at fascinating marine life, marvel at vibrant coral reef and inspect mysterious underwater ruin - the possibilities are endless.

Scenic Neptune is a U-Boat Worx Cruise Submarine 7 capable of diving up to a depth of 300 metres, with spacious seating for up to six guests, plus our expert pilot. Custom-built for optimal sightseeing, an excursion under the ocean will be truly unforgettable.


1 Pilot and 6 Guests

Depth: Up to 300 metres

Endurance: Up to 18 Hours

Weight: 9,500kg

Dives: Up to 8 per day

Speed: 3 knots

Dimensions: 320cm x 450cm x 232cm

Interior: Luxurious, air-conditioned &  spacious

Unrivalled underwater views for all

All guests on board Scenic Neptune^ will share the same astounding, uninterrupted views. 
With seats mounted on revolving platforms, guests can swivel 280 degrees to view in all directions through the two large, ultra-clear acrylic spheres of the submarine. You'll never miss a moment on your voyage under the sea.

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Dive below with Scenic Neptune